Back from HongKong-Philippines-Macau Vacation, Surprise Gift from Google

I am back from three weeks vacation in Hong Kong, Philippines and Macau.

But before I write about the details of our vacation in Hong Kong, Philippines and Macau, I will try to finish first what I started about our Scotland Golf Vacation last year in July 2008. I know it is long overdue but I would like to write about Inverness, Oban, and Hawick in Scotland as well as about Colchester and Leeds Castle in England. Then I might as well write about our trip in Salzburg, Austria in September 2008.

Anyway, I also mentioned at the title of this blog entry that I received a gift from Google. I was really surprised and I did not at all expect to receive any gift from Google despite receiving Christmas gift certificates in 2007 and 2008. Come to think of it, it is not even Christmas yet.

So, if you receive any, what would you do if you receive a gift from Google?

In my case, I just wrote a blog entry about it at Pro Blog it. You can read the details and see the photos of the Surprise Gift from Google at

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