Perks of Playing Golf

I have mentioned before the three things that I just love to do, one of them is playing golf. I have been playing golf for several years already and I have won several prizes from playing golf. One other thing that I like about golf is, it does not matter how good or not good you are at playing golf, one way or another, you will win something along the way during the golf tournaments whether you have a high handicap or low handicap.

For more than 3 years, I have not really been playing my handicap but I was still able to win something despite that. Winning a prize in golf tournaments does not mean that you have to be the champion as there is always a prize for second and third placers. There are other categories too that you can win like nearest to the pin or the longest drive on the fairway.

In September last year, I again started playing my handicap. I even won a UVEX anti-fog sunglasses for winning the second prize Brutto Ladies during the Supporters Tournament (supporting Juniors) and Golf 99 5er Series on September 28, 2008. I was so happy that I blurted out to my husband that I was back.

Yes, I am back. 🙂 This year, since we started playing golf, for the 5 golf tournaments that I joined, I won a few things in 3 golf tournaments. If you like to view the tabulated results, go to Swiss Golf Network Website and look for Golf Source Du Rhone.

I won an Adidas golf shoes bag with 3 Taylor Made golf balls and 3 pairs of Adidas socks for winning the third prize (officially fourth) Netto Handicap Pro to 21.9 during the Driving Range Bitsch Cup on June 13, 2009.

I won a 28cm/4.7kg Bio-Bergkaeserie GOMS cheese together with 3 other golfers as a team for winning the first prize Netto Handicap Pro to PR during the Partner Hotels Opening Tournament on June 27, 2009.

I won a gift certificate worth 120 Swiss Francs for Ruppen Golf Shop at Golf Source du Rhone for winning the first prize (officially second) Netto Handicap Pro to 20.9 during the President’s and Captain’s Prize on July 04, 2009.

I somehow was able to correct my swing. I noticed that I drive longer than before and even strike longer using irons. It is not a big deal to others but it is quite a big deal to me. Before, I would use an iron 7 for 100 meters but now a days I can reach 100 meters using iron 9 only. For me, that is quite an improvement on my part.

Playing golf is very challenging and it is not about winning. Winning a prize is just a perk for motivation. It is to encourage you to play better. In effect it teaches you to control yourself from anger especially at the golf course when playing the game as it needs a lot of concentration. It teaches you to have patience and discipline. It is not about competing with others but it is about competing with yourself.

With that, do not wonder now why I love playing golf. If you feel like learning how to play golf, I encourage you to go for it.

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