Simple Happiness

Blog, Design, Photography, Videography, Travel, Golf, Food

I am Sofie Hofmann, a hobby web designer and web publisher.

I am also a hobby golfer, and a hobby photographer.

I am the publisher of this blog and I write all the posts in this blog.

I changed the title of this blog from my name to Simple Happiness.

Why Simple Happiness?

Simple Happiness stands for the initials of my name.

Blog, design, photography, videography, travel, golf and food are my simple happiness.

The title Simple Happiness fits my personality too. I am simply happy for everything.

I am simply a happy person. I am a simple happy person.

The New Look

The new look of Simple Happiness was online since March 01, 2011.

It is a very simple web design, a simple WordPress theme.

I intend to use it as a framework for my future WordPress theme designs.

Posts and Photos

I revised and shortened all the posts and removed all the photos for a lot of reasons.

I am not going to elaborate about it anymore.

But I transferred a lot of the blog entries, also revised, to other blogs with new domain names.

And Now?

This blog will continue to be my journal where I will write and share to you my personal thoughts, stories, experiences, ideas, opinions, perhaps my ramblings and digressions, and probably still about my trips, travels, holidays and vacations.

We will see where it will lead me. 🙂

– March 01, 2011