Philippines Vacation in Spring 2013

I went to the Philippines for a month vacation in Spring from April to May 2013. I was able to spend time with my mother and family as well as spent some time in Manila, Pandan, Boracay, and Batanes with very close friends.

My friends and I were able to attend a special birthday celebration of a very good friend and a relative as well who has been an inspiration to us. It was just a simple birthday celebration but it was so worth it knowing that the celebrant had such a grand time.

When it comes to food and restaurants, I had either drinks or lunch or dinner with my family and friends at Abe Restaurant in Alabang Town Center Alabang, John and Yoko Japanese Restaurant in Alabang Town Center Alabang, SumoSam Japanese Restaurant in Shangri-la Plaza Mall Mandaluyong, Mondo Juice in SM Megamall Mandaluyong, Max’s in SM Megamall Mandaluyong, Hossein Indian Restaurant in Serendra Bonifacio Global City, CIBO Restaurant in Greenbelt 5 Makati, Via Mare Cafe and Oyster Bar Express in Greenbelt 1 Makati, Chesa Bianca Swiss Restaurant in San Antonio Village Makati, RK Garden Restaurant in Bel Air Makati, and MARU Korean Cuisine Restaurant in Poblacion Makati.

When it comes to short trips, of course, I did not forget going to Pandan in Antique, then Boracay Island in Aklan, and Batan Island and Sabtang Island in Batanes. I went to Pandan and Boracay with a very close friend. I went to Batanes with my childhood close friends.

We were able to visit local resorts in Pandan, Antique, namely, Pandan Beach Resort in Dionela, Le Palme Beach Resort in Zaldivar, Phaidon Beach Resort in Tingib, and Malumpati Health Spring and Tourist Resort (Malumpati Cold Spring) in Guia.

We were able to attend different events and activities during the Tugbong Festival in Pandan, Antique from April 21 to 25, 2013. We were even able to watch a concert of Aegis Band at the Pandan Auditorium at the plaza.

We were also able to attend the beach party of Barangay Baybay during its fiesta. We had such a great time at the beach party as there was no dress code. We even danced without slippers. We danced barefoot.

When we went to Boracay Island in Malay, Aklan, we stayed at Jony’s Beach Resort. The people at the resort were very friendly and accommodating.

Jony’s Beach Resort has its own restaurant called MAYAS Restaurant. We ate at MAYAS Restaurant of Jony’s Beach Resort most of the time.

For the rest of our Boracay escapade, we just enjoyed the White Beach and took a lot of photos. We also met some friends at Juice Bar in Boracay. Time was just not enough in Boracay. For sure, we will go back to the island of Boracay.

When we went to Batanes, we stayed at the Seaside Lodge and Restaurant in Basco in Batan Island. In our three nights and four days of stay in Batanes, we were able to see and visit a lot of places.

We had either breakfast or lunch or dinner in Basco at Batanes Seaside Lodge and Restaurant, Amboy Hometel Bed and Breakfast, Basco Lighthouse Restaurant, Fundacion Pacita Batanes Nature Lodge Restaurant, and Pension Ivatan Restaurant.

During our day tours, we had lunch at Disvayangan Beach in Mahatao in Batan Island and Morong Beach in Malakdang in Sabtang Island.

On our first day, we went around Batan Island and visited a lot of places, namely, Vayang Rolling Hills in Vayang Ranch, Valugan Boulder Beach in Valugan Bay, Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel or Japanese Hideout, Basco PAGASA Radar Station, Mahatao Chawa View Deck, Paderes Point, and Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills.

On our second day, we again went around Batan Island and visited more places, namely, Basco Viewpoint, Mahatao All-Weather Boat or Ship Shelter Port, Batanes Blank Book Archive, Fallen Sumhao Windmill or Sumhao Wind Turbines, Mahatao Lighthouse or Tayid Lighthouse, Diura Fishing Village, Disvayangan Beach, House of Dakay, Honesty Coffee Shop, Alapad Rock Formation, and Marlboro Hills Country.

On our third day, we went for a Faluwa boat ride from Batan Island to Sabtang Island. We visited places in Sabtang Island, namely, the Municipal Tourism Information Center, Chamantad-Tinian Viewpoint, Morong Beach, Mayahaw Rock Arch Formation, Sabtang Lighthouse, and Chavayan Village with its beaches, its Idjang stone houses, and chapel called Chavayan Chapel or Sta. Rosa de Lima Chapel.

In all those tours, we have visited some churches and chapels, namely, Mount Carmel Chapel, Mahatao Church or San Carlos Borromeo Church, Ivana Church or San Jose de Ivana Church or San Jose de Obrero Church, Uyugan Church or San Antonino De Florencia Church, Our Lady of Miraculous Medal Church, San Lorenzo Ruiz Chapel, Sabtang Church or San Vicente Ferrer Church, Chavayan Chapel or Sta. Rosa de Lima Chapel, and Basco Cathedral or Santo Domingo De Basco Church.

With all those short trips, I would not like to forget that I was also able to attend a few more events and activities in Pandan, Antique after the Tugbong Festival.

I was able to eat in Pandan the food that I have been craving for not only those food in Manila, Boracay, and Batanes during my escapades to those places with friends.

The get-aways from Manila to Pandan, Boracay and Batanes were awesome. We definitely had a great and fabulous time going around those beautiful islands. We will surely go back to those places, both Boracay and Batanes.

Thank you, my dear family and friends for everything, for all the time that you have spent with me. I deeply appreciate all the time and effort that you have been spending with me every time I go to the Philippines. See you again on my next vacation. I love you all!

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