Black Eyed Peas’ Filipino Song

I heard this rap song several months ago when I was surfing YouTube. I saw some young Filipino guys’ amateur music video inside the car lip synched it. I just can’t remember what music video in YouTube and when exactly was it when I saw that amateur music video. I thought those young Filipino guys residing in Germany were okay. I thought not bad at all. I thought that the song was okay too but never really bothered to look for more information about it because I didn’t know the title.

You would surely laugh at the funny intro… 😀

When I visited Carissa’s blog, this music video was there, …Black Eyed Peas rap in Tagalog… I got curious. I never realized that of Black Eyed Peas was the original singer. I didn’t even remember Apl even if I already heard that there is a Filipino among the Black Eyed Peas. I tried to look for some info before, about a Filipino being a member of Black Eyed Peas but can’t even remember him until I saw the music video this morning.

I found more music videos at YouTube and even found articles about it. It was an interesting read for me. “Bebot”, that’s the title of the song, became popular especially among Filipinos and even to non-Filipinos. I’m not really fond of rap nor hip hop songs but I have watched some of the music videos of Black Eyed Peas at MTV and they were actually good.

More interesting music videos about “Bebot” of of Black Eyed Peas.

Non-Filipinos dancing at the tune of Black Eyed Peas “Bebot”…

More at Jazzy Bebot, Jazzy Bebot #2 and YouTube Black Eyed Peas “Bebot”.

Interesting reads about “Bebot” of of Black Eyed Peas. I still included the last one, although it’s not really an article, and the music videos were already online since August 4, 2006.

Black Eyed Peas Break Out Filipino Pride For Very Low-Budget ‘Bebot’ Video

Positively No Filipinos Allowed?

Black Eyed Peas’ premieres “Bebot” in San Jose

“BEBOT” Music Video Premieres This Week

Updated on September 26,2006 at 5:22pm

A friend, Aye, sent me the link to the other music video of Apl. Thanks, Ye, I also saw the video but didn’t include it when I was writing about “Bebot”. But thanks goodness you sent it, because I just realized that I also included the Apl Song Saga when I was writing about the “Bebot” song. Anyway, I transferred the video below “Black Eyed Peas – The Apl Song Saga”, added another video “Behind the Scenes of the Apl Song”, and included the other one that you sent me, “Black Eyed Peas Apl song”.

Just a note, the lyrics of “Bebot” are all in Fillipino, the other one is a mix of Filipino and English.

Black Eyed Peas APL Song
Black Eyed Peas – The Apl Song Saga
The Black Eyed Peas – Behind the Scenes of the Apl Song

I hope you all had fun watching the music videos and the other videos! Have a wonderful day!

Update: I removed some of the links and videos. I replaced the other videos which were removed from YouTube.

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