Vincent, “Musical! The Show” Winner

I was not really watching “Musical! The Show” at the Austrian Channel ORF1. But one night I watched it when I saw it being advertised in ORF1 as I normally watch shows like CSI in this channel. On that particular night I still kept on transferring to other channels and once in a while zapped back to watch the “Musical!”. Then I heard one of the members of the jury who was commenting on Vincent’s performance said, “Salamat”. It caught my attention, of course, but I still did not watch the other shows afterwards. I did not even bother to search about Vincent at the Internet. Then I saw again that tonight, January 11, 2008, was the final show of “Musical! The Show”. So I watched it.

I did not know the surname of Vincent during the entire program. I just watched the show. Finally, the winner of Musical! The Show was announced. Vincent won. He was so ecstatic, and was shouting, and even screaming in excitement. He was also shouting “I love you” in German. Then he shouted twice, “Philippines, Philippines”. So, for me, it was a confirmation that he is indeed a Filipino.

After the show, I searched for “Vincent Musical ORF1”. I found site and there it was, Vincent was on the front page. To be precise, Vincent Bueno. I also clicked the link to the site and found out that his website was just launched today.

Quoted from the “About” page of Vincent Bueno Online.

Vincent Mendoza Bueno is a full-blooded Filipino, born in Vienna, Austria on December 12, 1985. His mother Cora is a dedicated nurse at Sozialmedizinisches Zentrum Sophienspital. His father Tony is a musician (vocalist and electric guitar), who was based in Japan for several years before settling down in Vienna, Austria in 1980. His band called D’Ambassadors has worked for almost 20 years at Vienna’s high society clubs Moulin Rouge and Eden Bar.

You can also read about Vincent in an article dated January 09, 2008 at ABS-CBN Interactive, “Filipino is Austria’s newest sensation and newsmaker” by Loui Galicia of ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau.

Congratulations to Vincent Mendoza Bueno for winning at the Musical! The Show, a broadway-style musical competition which was aired live in Austria, Germany and Switzerland!

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