Pandan Tugbong Festival

Every April, Pandan celebrates its Tugbong Festival. It’s the time of the year where family and relatives get together.

During the Tugbong Festival, in the evening of April 23, 2008, the Antique’s Binirayan Festival’s Swimsuit and Gown Competition was held at the Pandan auditorium in Pandan, Antique.

The last day of the Tugbong Festival was on April 25, 2008, and in the evening, the ever popular Urihing Tubo Night was organized by Pagtatap Youth.

On other matters, Antique declared a state of calamity because of the typhoon Frank. I heard that a lot of towns in Antique were flooding.

I am kindly asking all of you, please pray for all the people of Antique. A lot of people have been affected and a lot of them have already lost their lives. I can’t just imagine the aftermath of the typhoon and the flood.

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