Serendra, Vivere, Mall of Asia

I went back to Manila via Kalibo on May 1, 2008. Later that afternoon I met a very good friend of mine at Vivere Suites in Alabang and we had a good spa massage.

Then I met another good friend on May 5, 2005 at Serendra and had a nice lunch at the Abe restaurant.

Later that evening, my nephew and my niece fetched me at my friend’s place in Makati and we proceed to Vivere Suites in Alabang for dinner.

On May 6, 2008, my sisters and I went to Makati to settle some things. Later that evening, we went to Mall of Asia to meet my cousin with her family. We had our dinner at Max’s restaurant.

Mall of Asia is just another shopping mall. It is just like the other malls. I was really wondering what is so special about it that almost everybody was talking about it. I remember when people were talking about Rockwell before. And when I went to Rockwell, well, it was just another shopping mall just like the others. Probably the reason why people were talking about Mall of Asia, it being one of the biggest malls in Asia, definitely bigger than Rockwell. 🙂

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