How I started designing websites and blogging?

I started designing websites in 1999. My first website was not even for myself but for my town and an internet group where members are from my town and are residing in different countries. The websites were hosted free at GeoCities and still exist until today. I do not update those sites anymore but they are being maintained.

Eventually I bought the domain name in August 2000 for my town. Over the years, I have bought several other domain names, for my web designs and in 2002, for my personal use in 2003, and, another domain name for my town in 2005.

I was not using any software then for my web designs. I just use simple HTML and later on simple PHP. I was updating the websites regularly and I wanted to document it. I needed a platform like a blog. I have heard about Blogger a long time ago but never really paid attention to it. It took me years before I finally opened an account with Blogger.

On March 17, 2005, I wrote my first blog entry. Actually, I posted a photo for my first blog entry entitled Pandan Bay Sunset. The website at, my first Pandan website which I created in 1999 still exists and has been revised several times. On April 02, 2005, I wrote my first blog entry at my personal blog at But my personal website at was created in 2000 and has also been revised several times. I removed a lot of photos especially our wedding photos in that site.

I heard about LiveJournal too, so I tested it and wrote Funny. During that time, using my own design was not possible with LiveJournal, and so, on September 16, 2005, I created another blog for my web design site and wrote just a very short note entitled Web Designs. I was able to modify the CSS at Blogger. I was able to customize it and used my own web design.

Using Blogger and LiveJournal was not satisfying enough for me. I installed WordPress for the very first time on October 01, 2005 for my web design blog and I wrote about it at entitled New Blog but my first web design site at was already existing since 2001. I just transferred the content at in 2002 when I bought the domain name. has been revised several times too.

On December 01, 2005, I launched using simple PHP but used WordPress for its blog. I wrote about it at entitled Launching! and at the same time at blog also entitled Launching!.

I was so impressed with WordPress not only as a blogging platform but also when being used as a CMS. Since then, I have been using the publishing platform WordPress as a CMS for almost all my websites.


Just for my readers information, I have tested other softwares too but WordPress was more impressive. It was easy to install and easy to understand. Being a web designer, I have no problems with other softwares but why should I use the others when there is WordPress which is quite easy to customize.

Why do we have to complicate things when we can simplify them. 😉

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