Sharon Cuneta as a ‘Caregiver’

I have been watching Filipino films online for the past few months. One particular movie that I would like to share with you was that of Sharon Cuneta entitled Caregiver. I am not a caregiver, so I do not really know if this movie really reflects the life of the caregivers who are working outside the Philippines. I could not really say that I could relate but this film would somehow give you an idea about the life of a Filipino working as a caregiver abroad and what a tough job they have.

It would somehow make you understand but still make you ask, why is it that a person chose to leave her job as a teacher in the Philippines and worked as a caregiver abroad?

Sarah, played by Sharon Cuneta, was an English teacher in the Philippines who joined her husband Teddy, played by John Estrada, in London to become a caregiver.

In the movie, there was this line that caught my attention.

I know the opportunity is there pero kung puro pansarili lang ang iisipin natin, ano na ang mangyayari sa bayang ito. [I know the opportunity is there but if we are always just going to think of ourselves what will happen to this country.]

Every time I think of those teachers, nurses and doctors going abroad for work and better pay, I always think about what is happening in the Philippines now a days. I am referring to those teachers, nurses and doctors employed by the government.

Very few students in the Philippines are taking up education because of the low salary. A lot of students are taking up nursing because of the high salary hoping that they will be able to work abroad.

In my opinion, teachers, doctors and nurses should have higher salary in the Philippines. If those bright students who would love to take up education will have a higher salary as a teacher, they would surely not hesitate to teach. If those nurses and doctors will have a higher salary, they would choose to remain in the Philippines. They don’t need to leave the Philippines just to have a higher salary.

What will happen to the Philippine education if nobody is willing to take up education because of the low salary? What will happen to the Philippine health services if everybody who takes up nursing and medicine would choose to leave and work abroad? What will happen if the teachers would choose to leave as well? I think you know what I’m trying to say here.

Some of you may say that it should not be about money because if those teachers really love to teach, then they would remain teaching. If those nurses and doctors really love their job, they would continue what they’re doing.

But they need to survive too especially if they have a family. Definitely, money plays a very important role in their lives.

Health and education have been neglected for too long. The government should prioritize and should allocate a higher budget for health and education. Actually, the Philippine government must do it. It is about time and the right thing to do.

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