Yum Cha, Federal Palace, Citygate, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

One of the things we did in Hong Kong before we went to the Philippines during our vacation in May 2009 was dining the Chinese way called Yum Cha at the Federal Palace.

Literally Yum Cha in Cantonese means “drinking tea” but it actually refers to the entire dining experience, drinking tea and eating dim sum dishes.

Federal Palace was part of Federal Restaurants Group. Federal Palace was located at Shop 226, Level 2, Citygate, 20 Tat Tung Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

Yum Cha at Federal Palace in Tung Chung was really excellent. There was a Chinese family near our table who were so friendly who talked to us and even told us that Federal Palace in Tung Chung was one of the best places to have Yum Cha.

The tea was served first and then the dim sum dishes. The dim sum dishes were served in small portions inside a native container and placed layer by layer.

Yum Cha is one thing that I highly recommend to you. If you are fond of eating dim sum dishes, you should try Yum Cha.

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