St. Dominic’s Church, Macau Peninsula, Macau

One of the churches at the Historic Centre of Macau in Macau Peninsula that we visited during our Macau Day Tour was the Convent of St. Dominic’s commonly known as St. Dominic’s Church or Sto. Domingo Church. St. Dominic’s Church is located at St. Dominic’s Square or Largo de São Domingos.

St. Dominic’s Church is a place of worship of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary which belonged to the Convent of St. Dominic’s founded in the late 16th century by the Spanish friars who arrived in Macau from the Philippines in 1587. The Spanish friars were soon replaced by the Portuguese clergy.

St. Dominic’s Church and St. Dominic’s Square are parts of the “Historic Centre of Macau”. The Historic Centre of Macau was officially inscribed on July 15, 2005 on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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