Macau Cathedral, Macau Peninsula, Macau

After taking pictures of the dramatic facade with its 66 Stone Steps and simply looking tirelessly at the Ruins of St. Paul’s during our Macau Day Tour, we continued our walk. Along the way, we saw a nice fountain and a church at Largo da Sé.

The church building was so simple. We had no idea about the church but we eventually learned upon entering the church that it was actually the Macau Cathedral.

The Cathedral was built in 1576. In 1850, the Cathedral was rebuilt and consecrated. But in 1874, 24 years later after it was rebuilt, it was almost destroyed in a typhoon and was extensively repaired. In 1937, the Cathedral was completely rebuilt to what it is today, with two solid towers and massive doors.

The Macau Cathedral and the Cathedral Square are parts of the “Historic Centre of Macau”. The Historic Centre of Macau was officially inscribed on July 15, 2005 on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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