Be careful with what you are writing on your blog

I watched the live session inside the court at The Hague when Mia Farrow was giving her testimony. Mia Farrow was asked with several questions. One of the sources of the questions during the interrogation was her blog.

The testimony has to do with the trial of the former Liberian President Charles Taylor who is being accused of war crimes which he denies.

Mia Farrow testified that Naomi Campbell said that Charles Taylor sent her men and gave her a diamond. Her testimony contradicts to that of Naomi Campbell who testified that she received two or three stones and did not know who sent them.

The above testimony of Mia Farrow about the diamond looked so simple but it was not in this case. The lawyer really asked her a lot of questions and even used her writings on her blog. As I see it, the lawyer would like to discredit her.

Mia Farrow is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She has been writing on her blog about the plights of the African people in countries like Darfur (Sudan), Chad, Congo and Central African Republic (CAR).

While I was watching Mia Farrow being asked by the lawyer, I just thought that we must really be careful with what we are writing on our blog. No matter what, you will never know when your writings will be used against you.

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