Bogogno Piemonte Italy Golf Weekend in Summer 2011

We went to Bogogno in Piedmont, Italy for a long golf weekend on the third week of August in Summer 2011.

We stayed at Ramada Malpensa Hotel in Oleggio and played golf at Circolo Golf Bogogno in Bogogno.

Oleggio and Bogogno are municipalities in the province of Novara in the region of Piedmont or Piemonte in Italy.

We played golf at the two 18-hole golf courses of Circolo Golf Bogogno, namely, the Percorso Bonora and the Percorso del Conte.

It was not the first time that we played golf in Circolo Golf Bogogno. We would surely go back in Piemonte to play golf.

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Obergesteln Obergoms Switzerland Golf Weekend in Summer 2011

We went to Obergesteln in Obergoms for a long golf weekend on the last week of July in Summer 2011.

We stayed at Hotel Grimsel, a simple but comfortable three-star hotel in Obergesteln, and played golf in Golf Source du Rhone for the duration of our stay in Obergoms.

On Swiss National Day, we played Shotgun Golf, golfers’ way of celebrating Switzerland’s Independence Day, the foundation of the Swiss Confederacy as early as 1889.

We got up so early as the tee time was at 6:00 in the morning. We played 18 holes and right after the game, we had Swiss National Day Golf Buffet Breakfast. Great!

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Denmark-Sweden Golf Vacation in Summer 2011

We went to Denmark and Sweden in July for a golf vacation in Summer 2011. We visited a few places and played golf in several golf courses.

We played golf in Royal Oak Golf Club in Rødding (about 25 kilometers from Kolding), Aalborg Golf Klub in Aalborg (about 10 kilometers from Aalborg City), Hals Golf Klub in Hals (about 36 kilometers from Aalborg City), and Søllerød Golfklub in Holte (about 20 kilometers from Copenhagen City) in Denmark.

We played golf in Halmstad Golfklubb in Tylösand, Ringenäs Golfklubb in Ringenäs, and Haverdals Golfklubb in Haverdal in Sweden.

We stayed at different hotels in Denmark like Hotel Koldingfjord in Kolding, Radisson Blu Limfjord Hotel in Aalborg, and Hotel Comwell Holte in Holte. In Sweden, we stayed at our friends’ vacation house in Haverdal.

On our way from Sweden to Denmark, we stopped in Copenhagen City hoping to stay for a night but since it was raining hard, we decided to continue our trip back home.

During our trip, we also stayed at Ringhotel Waldschloesschen in Schleswig and Seehotel Toepferhaus in Alt Duvenstedt Am See, both in Schleswig-Holstein in Germany.

The road trip to Denmark and Sweden was another experience that we would never forget from among the road trips that we did for the past few years.

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Philippines Vacation in Spring 2011

I went to the Philippines for a vacation in Spring 2011. I especially went to the Philippines in April 2011 for the 25th Year Anniversary of the Medical-Surgical-Dental Mission being done by MANGGYAN specialists and volunteers in the town of Pandan in the province of Antique.

MANGGYAN (Manggagamot ng Bayan) healthcare professionals are mostly specialists from the Makati Medical Center and they have been doing this free medical mission in Pandan every year since 1986.

After the medical mission, I stayed in Pandan for the Holy Week and Easter celebration. After the Holy Week, I watched a few events and activities during the Tugbong Festival 2011.

Aside from that, I went to see the slowly getting known waterfalls in the province, the Igpasungaw Falls, located in Sebaste, Antique. Again, I went to Malumpati Health Spring and Tourist Resort or Malumpati Cold Spring in Pandan, Antique.

In Manila, I met some friends, went to a few places for eating, and attended the 60th Birthday celebration of a very dear person to me.

But I did not forget to go out of town. I went with my family to La Luz Beach Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas and I went with some friends in Corregidor Island.

As usual, my vacation in the Philippines from April to May went so fast but at least I was able to meet a few friends.

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