Steve Jobs, Apple, Think Different

Who is Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was the former Chief Executive Officer of Apple, the company which he co-founded with a high school friend.

Apple created Macintosh computers, the iMac and MacBooks, iPod, iPhone, and iPad among others. Apple encouraged computer users to think different to set Mac apart from Windows.

Steve Jobs was diagnosed with cancer in 2004 but remained working as CEO with Apple until yesterday, August 24, 2011.

Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple but has been elected Chairman of the Board of the company.

Steve Jobs is one of the geniuses in the world of computer technology.

He inspires and urges us to pursue our dreams.

Please watch his commencement address in 2005 at the new graduates of Stanford University.

Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

More information about Steve Jobs : Steve Jobs Resigns As Apple CEO; Tim Cook To Replace Him : Jobs at Apple: Master inventor, master marketer

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Cascais Portugal Golf Vacation in Spring 2011

It has been a long time since I wrote an entry on this blog.

We were on vacation in March. I was on vacation in April until the second week of May. After that, I hibernated for a while. Then we became busy with golf afterwards.

We were again on vacation in July but before writing about our July vacation as well as my April vacation, I will write first about our vacation in March.

We went for a golf vacation in Cascais, Portugal in Spring 2011 which was on the last week of March until first week of April.

Cascais is located on the Estoril Coast in Portugal. It is about 30 kilometers west of Lisbon.

We stayed at Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort, a five star golf hotel and resort located in Quinta da Marinha in Cascais.

We played golf at two golf courses in Quinta da Marinha, namely, Quinta da Marinha Golf Course of Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort and Oitavos Dunes Golf Course of The Oitavos.

We also played golf in Sintra-Linhó, the Atlantic Golf Course of Penha Longa Hotel Spa and Golf Resort.

We like the place and the golf courses just like the other places that we have visited and golf courses that we have played. So, there is a big possibility that we might go back to Portugal especially in the Estoril area.

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Temple Grandin, a very inspiring movie

It was on August 30, 2010 when I wrote something about wanting to watch the made-for-television movie about Temple Grandin, an innovator, author, activist and autistic, also entitled Temple Grandin. I finally was able to watch it a few months ago but did not write about it.

The movie Temple Grandin was very inspiring and touching but there was no time to cry. I was trying hard to understand why others can be so cruel. It was quite hard to understand why some people have such very undesirable attitude towards other people.

I really got disappointed and a little bit angry with those who were supposed to be normal but so lacked of understanding and then behaved so arrogantly. But I definitely admire those with a good heart and very helpful. Those having a lot of patience were so admirable.

In my opinion, the movie that was made for television was not at all dragging. It was fast but I liked it.

If you feel like watching the movie Temple Grandin, you can buy a DVD at Amazon. Get inspired!

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A New Look for Simple Happiness

I took down this site in January and reactivated it today with a new look.

While this blog has been closed to the public, I still managed to write a blog entry yesterday.

I just did not open it to the public right away as I really intended to reactivate it today.

I finished doing this new WordPress theme design a few weeks ago but did not upload it immediately.

This new WordPress theme design is actually the basis of my other theme designs that I used in my new domain names.

It is some sort of a framework but it is not totally finished yet.

It is still undergoing a lot of revision but I am using it already as this simple framework is working just fine.

Other than the new look, there is something that you probably noticed too.

Yes, I revised and shortened all the posts and removed all the photos.

I started a few blogs with new domain names and I transferred some of the revised blog entries on the new domain names.

I also decided to rename this site to Simple Happiness which stands for the initials of my name.

I am just always simply happy, that is my personality.

I am a simple happy person, and design, photography, videography, travel, golf and food are my simple happiness.

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