A New Look for Simple Happiness

I took down this site in January and reactivated it today with a new look.

While this blog has been closed to the public, I still managed to write a blog entry yesterday.

I just did not open it to the public right away as I really intended to reactivate it today.

I finished doing this new WordPress theme design a few weeks ago but did not upload it immediately.

This new WordPress theme design is actually the basis of my other theme designs that I used in my new domain names.

It is some sort of a framework but it is not totally finished yet.

It is still undergoing a lot of revision but I am using it already as this simple framework is working just fine.

Other than the new look, there is something that you probably noticed too.

Yes, I revised and shortened all the posts and removed all the photos.

I started a few blogs with new domain names and I transferred some of the revised blog entries on the new domain names.

I also decided to rename this site to Simple Happiness which stands for the initials of my name.

I am just always simply happy, that is my personality.

I am a simple happy person, and design, photography, videography, travel, golf and food are my simple happiness.

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