Temple Grandin, a very inspiring movie

It was on August 30, 2010 when I wrote something about wanting to watch the made-for-television movie about Temple Grandin, an innovator, author, activist and autistic, also entitled Temple Grandin. I finally was able to watch it a few months ago but did not write about it.

The movie Temple Grandin was very inspiring and touching but there was no time to cry. I was trying hard to understand why others can be so cruel. It was quite hard to understand why some people have such very undesirable attitude towards other people.

I really got disappointed and a little bit angry with those who were supposed to be normal but so lacked of understanding and then behaved so arrogantly. But I definitely admire those with a good heart and very helpful. Those having a lot of patience were so admirable.

In my opinion, the movie that was made for television was not at all dragging. It was fast but I liked it.

If you feel like watching the movie Temple Grandin, you can buy a DVD at Amazon. Get inspired!

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