Maple Tree Flowers, Buds, Leaves Photography

As usual, we went to Golf Park Holzhaeusern last Sunday for a dessert and for a short walk. We watched the golfers playing golf with envy šŸ™‚ at the same time took some pictures from a far. Then I noticed the maple tree as it was the only tree among the many trees having a few buds, flowers, and leaves unlike the other trees.

The photos of the flowers, buds, and leaves were not manipulated just like the other photos that I have been posting in this site. I just reduced the size from 2.4MB-2.8MB down to 36KB-64KB and from 3264×2448 to 480×360 which I normally do for lower bandwidth usage and faster downloading of the page. I especially made the background (actually the golf course) blurred to emphasize the subject which were the flowers, the buds, and the young leaves.

I just used a point and shoot digital camera, a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W100, the camera that I have been using since February 2007. Before that, I was also just using a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P1. And before that, I was just using a cheap Kodak film camera. I actually love my Kodak camera only that it eventually gave up. Once in a while, I use my Sony Ericcson W810i cellphone’s camera.

I love the photos of the flowers, buds, and young leaves of the maple tree above. I just feel like patronizing myself for taking great pictures. šŸ™‚ So, who says that we could not take great photos using point and shoot digital camera with limited features like Sony Cyber-shot which is not even a semi-dSLR?

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