Manila Vocal Ensemble Switzerland Tour 2009

On April 30, 2009, Thursday last week, Cherry invited us to the Manila Vocal Ensemble concert held at the Kapuzinerkloster in Schwyz, Switzerland. The performers travelled all the way from the Philippines.

I have seen the Manila Vocal Ensemble performed in Lucerne a few years ago. I even bought two of their CDs. Last year, they were also here but Hub and I were not able to watch any of their concerts as we learned about it late already. The other locations for their concerts were also too far from our place.

I was actually not sure if we could watch the concert last Thursday but upon learning that May was also around I told Hub that we have to watch the concert. May is one of the members of the Manila Vocal Ensemble, a friend of one of my close friends, and I would like to meet her. She actually called me up last year, unfortunately we did not see each other.

Anyway, so last Thursday, we arrived just on time for the concert which started at 8:00PM. There were not too many people yet when I took some pictures. But before the concert started, the church was almost full. We sat in front so I was able to take some photos and videos while the Manila Vocal Ensemble performed.

I really liked the performance of the Manila Vocal Ensemble. They were good. They did not just sing, they also danced. The repertoire and the dance choreography were really good. It is not my habit to praise people just for the sake of praising but when I give my word like that, I really mean it. The audience even gave them a standing ovation. And I would like to say that they deserved the standing ovation that the audience gave them after their performance.

It was already after 10 p.m. when the concert ended. After the show, Hub and I had the privilege meeting the members and the founder of the Manila Vocal Ensemble, Christopher, Ramy, Alex, May, Nazel, Hasmen, Maribel, Rhea, and Mr. Cabantac. We had a good time talking, chatting as well as drinking wine. We did not even notice the time, before we knew it was already past 12:30 a.m. So we decided to leave as they still have to perform the next day. We left Cherry’s place past 12:30 a.m. already.

The Manila Vocal Ensemble is on tour in Switzerland until June 6, 2009. If you are residing in Switzerland, watch them perform if you can. I am sure you will enjoy the concert. Almost all the concerts are in Switzerland. So do not miss it. Entrance is normally free but donations are very much welcome after the concert.

Note: I will add a music video teaser tomorrow. I am still working on it. Kindly check out the video tomorrow.

Updated on May 06, 2009
The video is now available at Manila Vocal Ensemble Switzerland Tour 2009 Video.

For more information about the Manila Vocal Ensemble, please visit their site at especially the schedule of the concerts, when and where are they performing.

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