The Dancing Stingray of SEA.LIFE in Constance, Germany

Have you seen a stingray dancing? I actually saw several stingrays dancing playfully last Saturday. The Swiss Sea-Angling Club where hub belongs had a meeting in Constance. I always go with him every time they have a meeting, not to attend the meeting but just to enjoy the place where the meeting is normally being held just like last Saturday.

We went to SEA LIFE in Constance (Konstanz), Germany last Saturday, March 14, 2009. It was about an hour and forty minutes from Weggis, Switzerland to Constance (Konstanz), Germany. Constance is located along the Lake of Constance known here as “Bodensee”.

The Dancing Stingray, SEA LIFE, Constance (Konstanz), Germany. The video clip was taken by Sofie Hofmann ( on March 14, 2009 at SEA LIFE in Constance (Konstanz), Germany.

After the meeting, we went around SEA LIFE to see a myriad of marine creatures. Afterwards, we had our dinner at SEA LIFE but not at the restaurant though. We had our dinner right at the North Sea Bed where different kinds of baby sharks, rays, and fishes were swimming on the big round aquarium. It was definitely a great experience surrounded by those creatures while having dinner. The baby sharks, the fishes, and the rays were really good entertainers like the stingray above in the video.

There’s a variety of exotic and colorful creatures at SEA LIFE aside from the baby sharks, rays, and fishes. So, if you like marine animals, you might like visiting this place in the future. The children will definitely have a learning and exciting experience in this natural museum. For more information, view the website of SEA LIFE at

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